A Pair of Van Dal Shoes Can Take You to the Top

Following the recent General Election we have a new Home Secretary, namely Theresa May of the Conservative party. She has made her name in political circles not only for her work as an MP for many years, but for her reputation as a shoe lover.
Each time you see Mrs May photographed or interviewed on TV you will notice that she always has an eye striking pair of shoes which make her stand out from the crowd. You could create the same look with a brand new pair of shoes and one of the brands currently on the rise is Van Dal.

Van Dal shoes provide high quality footwear for ladies, with some designs containing the finest of leather materials you can find. If you need shoes for walking about the house, then they provide a number of flats which will provide you with comfort and stylishness. You may perhaps be seeking a bit of a height boost to complement a special outfit. If this is the case, then Van Dal also have a selection of high heeled shoes which can cause a real stir.

If you fancy something a little bit more striking and different, then how about a pair of Lotus shoes. The Velda shoe is available in beige and a natural colour, but for those of you who like to dazzle at an occasion, they also provide a pair in green. It is an open toe court shoe that will appeal to fashion minded women and which can be worn at any time of the day.

Do not worry, we have not forgotten about the men amongst you. A pair of Loake shoes in a hand made black leather will fit perfectly with a new suit or even just a pair of denims, the choice is entirely yours.
For more information on Vans Trainers including Loake shoes and Van Dal shoes visit our website.http://treds.co.uk/manufacturer/vans/97/1

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